About Dronæment

ezotherick soundscapes, dronamental ambient and field muzick

Since 1997 Marcus Obst aka Dronæment is farming the musical field of drones and ornaments. On this acre stands some small shack. Made of wood from the bass-drone-forest. The walls got repapered with ornaments: loops and samples which get distilled out of many sound experiments and field recordings.

Dronæment was brought into being to create music which is able to change apperception and reality. Or even the concepts of both. However these sounds don’t insist on the listener’s subordination or concentrated listening but functions rather as an empty canvas on which environment and the NOW can take immediate access. So they can take the audience to the shores of subconscious or maybe into the treetops of confusion. But never will it take you into dark and menacing depths. Even the darkness is aware of sun’s light, moon’s reflection and the preparing of tea around five o’clock. Equivalent to Dronæment’s recent work is a deep orange.

Current Releases